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Our One-on-One Financial Planning Process

 We hope you’ll join us on the journey:

Establishing Relationship

It all starts with trust. Our most important goal is to understand your needs so we can work towards them. Our strongest relationships have lasted since we founded Chaudron Financial, and that level of trust has given our clientele great confidence.

Identify & Prioritize Objectives

Let’s discuss your dreams, goals and needs so we can develop a clear vision of your financial future.

Gather Information

We’ll review important documents such as brokerage & bank statements, tax returns, insurance & retirement plans.

Analyze Information

We’ll work together to understand your financial situation “big picture” & how different elements impact each other.

Review Our Recommendations

We’ll develop clearly defined financial planning recommendations that align with your goals and needs.

Setting Your Plan to Action

Once we propose specific financial solutions to help you pursue your goals, you’ll act to implement the plan.

Monitor Ongoing Progress

Because your goals and needs evolve over time, it’s important to track your progress as part of a thorough, ongoing process.

At its best, working with Chaudron Financial becomes a hands-on experience. We relish the opportunity to track your portfolio progress and fine-tune plans along the way.